General Information: Temperature : Max. 39.5° C and Min. 24° C in summer. Max. 24° C and Min. 8° C in winter. Best Season : September to May. Introduction: Planned and built by Rani Ahlyabai, the brave Holkar queen, Indore lies to the extreme west of the state on the banks of the rivers Saraswati […]


The temple, which has earned the nomenclature of the Somnath of the East, is known as the Bhojeshwar Temple. In plan a simple square, with an exterior dimension of 66 feet, it is devoid of the re-entrant angles usual in such buildings. The richly carved dome, though incomplete, has a magnificent, soaring strength of line […]


Chitrakoot is situated 195 km from Khajuraho, 78 km from Satna. Chitrakoot, ‘the hill of many wonders’, nestles peacefully in the northern spurs of the Vindhyas. A place of tranquil forest glades and quit rivers and streams where calm and repose pervade the air. This loveliest of Nature ‘s gifts is also hallowed ground, blessed […]


Situated at 13 km from Sanchi and 4 km from Vidisha are a group of rock-cut cave sanctuaries carved into a sandstone hill that stands sentinel-like on the horizon. An inscription in one of these states that it was produced during the reign of Chandragupta II (382- 401 AD). The cave posses all the distinctive […]