Bhimli Beach

Bhimli Beach

Known as Bhimli for short, Bheemunipatnam, the second oldest municipality in the country, lies at the mouth of the Gosthani River. The town is just 25 km north of Vishakhapatnam and one of the roads between the two places runs all along the shoreline, providing breathtaking views at many spots. Bhimli beach is considered one of the safest for swimmers and surfers, as the water is shallow. Bheemunipatnam was once a Dutch settlement but little remains today to stand testimony to it. In fact, this town was a vibrant port and all the trading was done from here, as Vishakhapatnam at the time was just a tiny fishing village, A cemetery used both by the Dutch and later by the British still exists across the beach and one can experience the solitude of such places, Regular buses ply between Vishakhapatnam and Bhimi. Private transport can also be engaged.


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