Hope Island

Hope Island is a small island of about 1000 hectares, 5 km off the Kakinada coast. It was small sand spit in the 18th century. The continuous flow of eroded soil in Godavari distributaries and its interaction with the sea has resulted in the formation of the island. The island is 17 km in length, with a head of about 5 km and a very narrow tail of about 2 km. There is sea on one side and backwater son the other side of the island. The water gap between the island and Marinade coast acts as a passage for ships to enter the Kakinada port. There are two villages on the island, one each at the head and tail of the island. It takes about 45 minutes in a motorized boat to reach Hope Island from Kakinada port.

Tourist Attraction:

Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach: The beach on Uppada Road is located about 5 km from Kakinada town and is well connected by bus. Like any other beaches, most people visit it on Sundays and holidays. In addition, this beach also attracts residents of Kakinada every evening due to its proximity to the town. The beach and shore waters are clean. The slope is gradual and the shore is wide. There is a beach park.


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