Kondapur Museum

Located 15 km from Sangareddy and 60 km from Medak the excavations at Kondapur have brought to light the remains of Satavahana dynasty and a few Buddhist structures the Kondapur Museum is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. Kondapur is Mandal head quarters; and is located 69 kms from Hyderabad. The Kondapur Museum contains about 8,100 antiquities at present. It houses the coins for the Satavahana kings which led some scholars to come to the conclusion that Kondapur was one of the thirty walls towns of the Satavahanas. Then there are the remains of Chaityas and Stupas indicating that Kondapur was once a great Buddhist centre. Other things which were excavated and are on display include gold coin of the Roman Emperor Augustus, a few Silver coins, bead pieces of Terracotta bangles, shell, Ivory, Copper and Glass, embossed with designs.

Map Of  Kondapur Museum,Andhra Pradesh:

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