Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park

Namdapha begins at Margherita, a road railhead in Assam about 64 km. away. This national park is the only national park in the world which covers a wide range of altitudes of 200 – 4500 mts. It is also the only park where four of the cat felines are found, tiger, Leopard, snow Leopard and the clouded Leopard. Others prominent fauna Gaur, Elephant, Himalayan black bear,taking Mush deer, slow Loris and Red Panda are also found here. A number of primate species are seen in the park such as the Assamese Macaqus, Pig-tailed Macaqus, stunt-tailed Macaqus and the distinctive hodock gibbon-hornbills Jungle fowl and pheasants flap their noisy way through the jungle, which harbors other coloured bird species. Nandapha is botanist dream and it may tale as long as 50 years before a comprehensive survey of its botanical resources can be completed. There are more than 150 timber species one of rarest and endangered orchid, Blue Vanda, occur here. Namdapha is accessible from Dibrugarh via its entry point Miao, 112 km away. Best time to explore is in winter Tourist can stay at picturesque Deban Ghar Bungalow overlooking Noa Dihing River.

Best time to visit : October to March

Where To Stay :

Forest Rest House, Deban.

For bookings contact:

The Field Director

Project Tiger

Namdapha Tiger Reserve

Miao – 792 122, Changlang District

Arunachal Pradesh, India

Phone/Fax: +91-3807-222249.

Fee to  enter inside the park :

For Indians – Rs. 10/- Per Person

For Foreigners – Rs. 50/- Per Person

For Vehicles – Rs. 100/-

Still Camera – Rs. 400/-

Video Movie Camera – Rs. 750/-




Entry Permits :

Entry into Arunachal Pradesh requires a permit. The permit is issued by the Secretary (Political) Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. At the Namchik Checkpoint entry into Arunachal Pradesh occurs .

How to go :

By Air – In Dibrugarh nearest airport is Mohanbari airport, about 160 Km from the Namdapha National Park. Mohanbari airport is also well connected by road to Namdapha National Park.

By Rail – Nearest railway station is Tinsukia railway station in Assam, about 140 Km from the Namdapha National Park. Tinsukia railway station is well connected by road to Namdapha National Park.

By Road – Namdapha National Park is well connected to Major Cities and Places by road .

Map Of  Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh :

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