Haflong is situated 84 km north of Silchar in Assam. Haflong is a land of pleasing blue orchids and pera, pineapple and oranges. The nature of Halflong is a great attraction in itself. Add to it the picturesque beauty of Haflong Lake is situated within the heart of this hill town. Haflong is spread along the main road, which winds up from Silchar. The market of Main Road is at its most bustling and colourful on Saturday and overflows with fresh betel nut, banana flowers and rice beer for space.


Maibong: 47 km away from Haflong (84 km north of Silchar, Assam) on the bank of river Mahur, lie the ruins of the once flourishing capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. Buses to Silchar pass through but it may be easier to make a day-trip from Haflong by auto-rickshaw.


Umrangso: Umrangso is situated 112 km. away from Haflong by road; the biggest Hydel Plant under NEEPCO has come up with dams across the river Kopili, a tributary of the Brahamputra. Near Umrangshu, there is a hot water spring. Boating on the lake, hot water spring is the exquisite scenery from the top of the hill is enough to captivate tourist’s attraction.

Map Of Haflong, Assam :

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