siva temple of sivasagar

siva temple of sivasagar

Sivasagar is situated 60 km east of Jorhat in Assam. Sivasagar was known as the former capital of the Ahoms for more than 600 years till the advent of British. One of the oldest town in Assam, Sibsagar – “The ocean of Shiva” is an important centre for the tea and oil trades, It’s cluster of monuments from six centuries of Ahom rule are still of significance to modern Assamese culture. A huge artificial, constructed in 1734, lies at the heart of the complex. Rising from its southern shore, the massive plain 32 mtrs. High Shivadol is the tallest Shiva temple in India, flanked by smaller temples of Durga and Vishnu. Prime attractions are Kareng Ghar and Talatal Ghar, Rang Ghar, Jaysagar Tank and Temples, Gaurisagar Tank and Temples, Rudrasagar Tank and Temples, Namdang Stone Bridge etc. Simalguri is the nearest railhead, frequent buses through Gurgaon east serve 20 km. There are a great number of Vaishnava Satras, Muslim Dargahs, Bud dhist and Sakta Shrines. There are more than 500 tanks, vaults, earthen ports and castles belonging to the Ahom, Munipuri, Jaintia and Shan Princes and Kachari King.


Joysagar Tank & Temples: The tank was built in 1697 at Rangpur, 5 km away from Sivsagar. It covers an area of 318 acres and on its banks 3 temples where built in 1698. The Joydol (Vishnu temple), the Shivadol and the Devidol, which are highly revered.

Kareng Ghar & Talatal Ghar: Kareng Ghar & Taltal Ghar is situated 6 km. from Shibsagar, The seven-stories palace wee built in 1696 to 1714 AD. The underground storyes is known as Talatal Ghar and the upper storeys are known as Kareng Ghar. Once two underground tunnels from the Talatal Ghar was the connector of Dikhow River and Gargaon palace.

Rang Ghar: Rang Ghar is situated 6 km from Sibsagar. It is a two-situated oval shaped pavilion built in 1744 to 1751 A.D. It stands close to Kareng Ghar.

Rudrasagar Tank & Temples: Rudrasagar is situated 8 km from Sibsagar. A Shiva Temple stands on its bank.



Gaurisagar Tank & Temples: Gaurisagar is situated 12 km from Sibsagar. The Gaurisagar tank was built in 1789 AD. The tank is covering an area of 150 acres and enclosing Shivadol and the Vishnudol temples. The place is a worth visit.

Namdang Stone Bridge: Nimdang Stone Bridge is situated 12 km from Sibsagar. The Namdang Stone Bridge was built in 1703. Specialty of the bridge is that it was cut out from a single solid rock over the Namdang.

Gargaon Palace: Gargaon Place is situated 13 km from Sibsagar. The palace was built in 1540 A.D. The old palace was destroyed and the present seven-storied palace was rebuilt in 1762 A.D.

Ajan Pir Dargah Sarif: At Saraguri Chapori 22 km stands Ajan Pir Dargah Sarif. Ajan Pir was first Muslim Saint to compose “ZIKIRA” in Assamese language (160 Nos.). on the day of the “URS” thousand of devotees gather here to pay homage to the memories of this great Muslim reformer.

Charaideo: The original capital of the Ahom King, built by Sukapha the founder of the Ahom dynasty, in 1253 A.D. is 28 km east of Sivsagar town. It is famous for the numerous “Maidams” or burial vaults of King and other members of the royal families.

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