Gujarat Fair & Festival

Makar Sakranti:

Kite flying is a special event in Ahmedabad Held on Makar Sakranti day. In the month of 14th January every year. The sky is filled with a symphony of colours. The festival has become so popular that now it has turned in to an international kite festival where in popular from all over the worlds come to fly exotic kites.


This festival is celebrated in the month of October with much fanfare and gaiety for nine days, ending on Dussehra & is dedicated to the goddess Amba girls and boys enjoy garba and dandiya rash (dance) the whole night.

Rath Yatra:

This festival is celebrated in the month of July. A massive procession is taken out from the Jagannath Temple amidst the chanting of Vedic hymns with the idols of Hindu deities – Lord Krishna, Balaram & Subhadra placed in the main temple chariot.