General Information:

Area : 1,96,024 sq km.

Capital : Gandhinagar

Languages : Gujarati, Hindi, English & others.

Temperature : Min temperature 14°C.

Population : 41,309,582

Religion : Hindu, Muslim, Christian & other.

Best Season : October to March.




Situated in the west of India. Rajasthan in the northeast, Arabian Sea on the west, Madhya Pradesh in the southeast and Maharashtra in the south of the state. Around 2500 BC Harappan civilization (also known as Indus valley civilization) established in Kutch of Gujarat. On the basis of general evidence comming up from Kutch and parts of Gujarat it appears that the Harappan brought there full blown culture and lived almost the full life before their culture declined. The state is also rich in crafts, ruins and natural beauty. Gujarat has relatively little forest cover left. In these area more than 40 species of animals-including the rare Asiatic Lion, wild ass and blackbuck, birds and reptiles resides peacefully.. The state is the birth place of Great Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. Best time to visit this place is between October and March.

Getting There:

Air: International airport at Ahmedabad and other domestic airport in Gujrat.

Rail: Gujarat is well connected with other State in India.

Road: National highway network connects Gujarat to rest of the country and State highway connects to the all tourists spot of the state.

Tourist Attraction:

Travel Spot: Ahmedabad,Dwaraka,Pavagadh, Dholavira, Surkotada, Lothal, Somenath.


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Map Of Gujarat, India :

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