Green Island – Havelock Andaman & Nicobar

Havelock Island andaman looks like a kohinoor in the sea from the sky. It is the most beautiful honeymoon destination in the world. North to South these undulating islands are covered with dense forests and endless variety of indigenous and exotic flowers and birds, These, along with silvery-sandy beaches on the edge of meandering coastlines, […]


Minicoy is the second largest among the islands of the Lakshadweep. General Information Of Minicoy: Location : 8°-17’ North latitude.73°-04’ East longitudes. Area : 4.4 sq. km, 2nd largest Island Languages : Mahl & English. Climate : Max. 32° C in March.Min. 22.7° C in December. Rainfall : Max. 30.91 cms. & Min. 2.8 cms. […]

Majuli Island

            General Information: Area : Less than 880 sq. km. Languages : Assamese, Mishing and Deori. Temperature : Coolest months are from November to February when the average temperature is 27° C. Hottest time is March to June 34° C. Introduction: Majuli, perhaps the largest island in the world, nestles […]

Hope Island

Hope Island is a small island of about 1000 hectares, 5 km off the Kakinada coast. It was small sand spit in the 18th century. The continuous flow of eroded soil in Godavari distributaries and its interaction with the sea has resulted in the formation of the island. The island is 17 km in length, […]