Betla National Park

General Information: Area : 232 sq km. Altitude : 300 to 1140 meters. Temperature : Max. 47°C and Min. 28°C in Summer.Max. 23°C and Min. 7°C in Winter. Clothing : Cotton in summer.Heavy woolen in winter. Best Season : October to March. Introduction: One of India’s earliest tiger reserves, Betla features luxuriant tropical forest cover […]


An unspoilt world, where nature rules supreme, sit is the home of the endangered Flying lizard. In the local Ho language it means “The land of seven hundred hills” and it is located in the west Singhbhum district. Saranda is full of exciting and colourful flora and fauna. It is known and famous for its […]


General Information: Area : 41 Sq. km. Temperature : Max. 37.2°C and Min. 20.6°C in Summer. Max. 22.3°C and Min. 10.3°C in Winter. Rainfall : Annual rainfall is 153 cm. Clothing : Cotton in summer. Heavy woollen in winter. Best Season : September to May. Introduction: Neterhat is the queen of Jharkhand. About 154 kms […]


General Information: Temperature : Max. 41.1° C and Min.19.4°C in summer.Max. 25.5° C and Min.7°C in winter. Clothing : Cotton in summer.Heavy Woollen in winter. Best Season : October to March. Introduction: A reputed and ever-popular health resort in the hills. It is situated 2019 feet above sea level, excellent climate, scenic beauty, dense forest […]