At pleasant height of about 2800 feet Kiriburu is a very lovely place in Saranda. Giving the picture of a hill station it provides an opportunity to witness the vast tract of Saranda. One such point is the viewpoint of the SAIL guesthouse. Kiriburu is in the thick of forests amidst hills all around with blue sky as its canopy. It is neither too hot nor too cold. The climate is temperate. But climate changes very frequently at day and night of Kiriburu. Clouds come down and form umbrellas over the treetops. Though the spirit of hill Station is missing; yet Kiriburu has the right mixture of environment of jungle and solitude, ideal to spend a short vacation and in absolute rest. Kiriburu is proud of its excellent natural beauty and endless forest resources. One should carry light woolens in March and October and heavy woolens in winter while at Kiriburu.


The temple of Maa Giri Rajeshwari: About 10 km from Kiriburu in the dense forests there is a very famous temple Maa Giri Rajeshwari. A large number of devotees visit this temple and especially during Navratri the site witnesses special festivity when countless number of people come here to worship.