An unspoilt world, where nature rules supreme, sit is the home of the endangered Flying lizard. In the local Ho language it means “The land of seven hundred hills” and it is located in the west Singhbhum district. Saranda is full of exciting and colourful flora and fauna. It is known and famous for its majestic Sal trees. Besides Sal, which is the principal and dominating tree species a large number of tress, herbs and shrub decor this beautiful forest. Right from the mammals to birds and reptiles Saranda – a golden treasure of wild life. However its majestic elephants are known all over the world. The magical sunrise and sunset of Kiriburu in the hills of Saranda is spectacular. Saranda is not known only for its wonderful forest but is also famous for the ores and minerals embedded below its earth. The world famous iron ores are found in this forest. Saranda is full of such natural spots and sights which have been attracting the visitors since time immemorial, Kiriburu, Loyall’s View, Toybo fall, Ligirda swamp & temples and shrines of Saranda are such beautiful sights in this forest.

Getting There:

Air: One can reach in the lap of Saranda forests via Jamshedpur or via Ranchi. Ranchi is well connected with the airlines from Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Rail: One can reach in the lap of Saranda forests via Jamshedpur or via Ranchi. Jamshedpur is well connected with the trains from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Puri.

Road: From Jamshedpur or Ranchi one has to come to Chaibasa, which is 140 km from Ranchi and 60 km from Jamshedpur. From Chaibasa one should come to Jhinkpani, Hatgamhariya, Badajamda and then to Baraiburu – total drive of nearly 80 km. At Baraiburu the first forest checknaka of Saranda greets you. From here one has to go to Kiriburu, which is just 30 km from here. At Kiriburu one can stay at the Steel Authority of India Ltd.’s guesthouse.

Tourist Attraction:

Kiriburu: At pleasant height of about 2800 feet Kiriburu is a very lovely place in Saranda. Giving the picture of a hill station it provides an opportunity to witness the vast tract of Saranda. One such point is the viewpoint of the SAIL guesthouse. Kiriburu is in the thick of forests amidst hills all around with blue sky as its canopy. It is neither too hot nor too cold.


Tholkobad: Tholkobad has the proud status of being the heart land of Saranda. The beautiful Forest Rest House, which was built in the year 1905 – 06 at this lovely place welcomes the tourist. Entire surroundings become so heavenly that one has no alternative except to get lost in the nature completely.

Ligirda Swamp: Ligirda swamp is a narrow natural marshy land spread in the area of approximately 7 – 8 Acres. It is just 4 km away from Tholkobad Forest Rest House. The swamp is due to the Lligirda Lor, which is perennial.

Loyall’s view: If one wants to have a very close look of the hills and hillocks of Saranda and also wants to get lost in the wilderness of its deep woods one can hardly afford to escape the visit of Loyall’s View. It is nearly 10 km from Tholkobad Forest House. Well expanded and erected hills and hillocks of Saranda at this place seem to be coming very close to one another as if whispering something very silently into the ears of one another.

Temples and Shrines in Saranda: The festivity of Saranda increases manifold owing to the presence of many religious temples and shrines in it.


Sameej Ashram: Just about 10 km from Manoharpur at the confluence of North Koel & Karo Rivers Sameej Ashram is a beautiful site. The sight of confluence is enticing and gives lot of pleasure.

Kulbonga Mahadev: About 15 km from Manoharpur in Saranda there is a big Shiva Lingam near village Kulbonga. The Shiva Lingam at this place is famous as Kulbonga Mahadev. A large number of devotees visit this place to offer their respects and regards to the Lord Shiva. A special fair is organised on every Maha Shivratri at this place.

Toybo Fall: 20 km away from Tholkobad, when its water falls from height of 100 feet the sight gives a pleasant picturesque look. The valley of the fall provides a lovely playground for the wild elephants that are the regular visitors of this place.