Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary

Bagdara Sanctuary is established in 1978. Its total area is 478 Sqkm. Tiger, Panther, Chinkra, Cheetal, Sambhar, Wild Boar, Black Buck and various kinds of birds are found here. Tendu, Dhawda, Khjair, Lendia etc. are Principal Flora is found here. Means of travelling inside the area is self-petrol vehicle or diesel vehicle not older than five years. For accommodation two suits are available in the Sanctuary. Nearby some tourist spots are Son-Gharial Sanctuary Sidhi, Sanjay National-Park Sidhi, Sanjay-Dubri Wild Life Sanctuary Sidhiand Bandhavgarh National Park, Umaria “Goura Hillock” etc. Best season to visit the place is from November to June.

Getting There:

Air: Nearest Airport is Banaras and Khajuraho.

Rail: Nearest Railway Station is Rewa.

Road: Nearest Bus stands are Rewa and Sidhi.