Chaturbhuj Temple

Chaturbhuj Temple

5 km from the Khajuraho village, lies the Southern Group of temples. The fine Chaturbhuj Temple in this group has a massive intricately carved image of Vishnu in the sanctum. Duladeo Temple, another of the southern group of temples. Though remains of temples belonging to the Khajuraho group have been discovered at Jatkari, 3 km away and even at Maribag in Rewa,
it is at the 3 main groups that the imperishable glory of Khajuraho, the sensuous celebration of life, the aspiration towards the infinite, remains. The dense jungles around advanced and hid them from the world. Khajuraho was rediscovered only a few decades ago and opened to tourists. Today, the wonder that is Khajuraho is India’s gift to the world, The three main compartments of the temples are the entrance or Ardha mandapa, the assembly hall, or mandapa and an inner sanctum, garbha-griha, There are in some of the more developed temples, further additions to these three. The axis of the temples is from East to West, with the entrance on the East, approached by a flight of steps, if the temples of Khajuraho can be said to have a theme, it is woman. A celebration of woman and her myriad moods and facets. Writing letters… applying kohl to her eyes… dancing with joyous abandon… playing with her child. Woman- innocent, coquettish, smiling – infinitely seductive, infinitely beautiful.

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