Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is also known as Borivilli National Park. It is a park within the city of Mumbai. The park was notified in 1974.The park covering an area of 9000 hectares is home to 274 species birds and 42 types of mammals apart from 8000 species of insects excluding 150 species of butterflies […]


There are 24 caves at Ellora, carved between 7th & 11th century AD. These cave temples represent 3 religious faiths, carved in sickle shaped hill, spread north to south in an area of 3 km. They were dug into the slope of a hill. Of these 12 are Buddhists, 17 are Hindus and 5 are […]


General Information Of Pune,India Altitude : 598 meters above the sea level. Temperature : Max. 40°C and Min. 26°C in Summer. Max. 29°C and Min. 19°C in Winter. Rainfall : Annual 70 cm from June to September. Best Season : Through out the Year. Introduction Of Pune City: Located in the Sahyadri mountain range near […]


The capital of the state of Maharashtra since 1960, and former capital of the old Bombay state, Mumbai has long been referred to as Gateway of India. In fact, a large ceremonial gateway was erected in 1911 to commemorate the first visit ever made to India by a British king and queen. Through this gateway […]