Manipur’s capital city, Imphal has harmonized itself seamlessly into its beautiful natural environment. Visitors can enjoy some its special attractions before moving out of town into its great outdoor to savor Manipuri culture in all its richness and variety. It is situated at a height of 790 mts.
above sea level.

Getting There:

Air: Indian Airlines flights connect Manipur with the major cities of India. Nearest airport is Imphal.

Rail: Dimapur, 215 km from Imphal, is the nearest railhead. Another railhead is at Jiribam, a small town on Manipur’s border. It is 225 km from Imphal.

Road: Imphal is connected by road with Guwahati & Silchar in Assam through National Highway No. 53.

Tourist Attraction:

Shree Govindajee Temple: A historic centre for Vaishnavites, the temple adjoins the palace of the former rulers of Manipur. It is a simple, aesthetic structure with twin gold domes, a paved court and a large raised congregation hall. The shrine of Balaram and Krishna on one side and Jagannath on the other flanks the presiding deity.

Ima Market – Khwairamband Bazaar: A unique all-women market. All the stall holders in this market are women-almost three thousand “Imas” or mothers. It is split into two sections, one on other side of the road. Vegetables, fish, household utensils are sold on one side, and colourful handloom shawls and dress materials on the others.

Sahid Minar: The tall Minar at Bir Tikendrajit Park in the heart of the capital commemorates the indomitable spirit of Manipur martyrs who sacrificed their lives while fighting the British in 1891.

War Cemeteries: Managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, are the beautifully kept War Cemeteries, which commemorates the British and Indian soldiers who died during the Second World War. Each grave carries a little stone marker and bronze plaque recording the sacrifice of these martyrs.

Manipur State Museum: The museum, situated near the Imphal Polo Ground, is famous for its portrait collections of Manpuri rulers, war implements, historical documents, variety of tribal costumes and relics.

Waithou: Close to the Waithou Lake, on the Indo-Burma Road, is a village famous for pineapple.

Keibul Lamjao National Park: The only floating National Park in the world, is situated on the fringes of the Loktak Lake. This is the unique habitat of the rare Sangai, the brow antlered deer or the dancing deer. The entire lake complex is a wildlife enthusiast’s dreams.


Loukoi Pat: This tiny lake located near the Tiddim Road at Bishnupur is hang out place various visitors form within and outside the state. Boating facilities in this tiny lake and the scenic beauty of the place is sure to mesmerize the visitors.

Mutua Museum: Finest collection of rare coins, jewelleries, paintings, pottery wares and rare manuscripts of the state are displayed in this museum. Here artifacts from all over the North East are housed, such as pottery collections, basketries, bell metal, jewelleries, wood curving, etc. It is a unique place and the place is known historically for its origin of the Chakpa groups where the sacred fire is still kept burning since time in memorial.

Manipur Zoological Garden: Go to see the rare but incredible graceful Sangai (brow antlered deer) at the Manipur Zoological Garden. The zoo (6 km) lies on the verdant base of the pine growing hillocks at Iroisemba on the Imphal-Kangchup road.

Langthabal: Down the Indo-Burma Road lies this small hill feature with the relics of an old, historic place, well planned temples and ceremonial houses in the midst of pine and jackfruit trees planted symmetrically. Surrounded by the new Manipur University Complex, it is located about 8 km from Imphal.

The Central Khonghampat Orchidarium: Covering an area of 200 acres, The Central Khonghampat Orchidarium has a unique collection of over 120 different species of Orchid, which include almost a dozen endemic species. This Orchidarium is located 12 km from Imphal along National Highway 39. The finest time to see this blooms is in March-April when they look their very best.

Kangchup: The health of Kangchup 16 km from Imphal, offers lovely views of the Manipur valley from its lofty perch at a height of 921 mts.

Lokpaching (Red Hill): The Red Hill is a hillock about 16 km from Imphal on Tiddim Road. It is thrilling spot where a fierce battle took place between the British and the Japanese during the World War II. War Veterans had constructed “India Peace Memorial”, a monument in memory of Japanese Martyrs who sacrifice their lives in the fierce battle.

Bishnupur: Famed for its stoneware, Bishnupur, 27 km from Imphal on the Tiddim Road, has the brick Bishnu Temple (15th century). The unusually small bricks of the temple show Chinese influence according to some sources.

Kaina: On the lofty highest of the Kaina Hills (29 km) lies a legendary temple where the famous Ras Leela dance is performed on particular days.

Khongjon: 36 km on Indo-Burma Road, is known for the martyrdon of Manipur’s Major General Paona Brajabashi in 1891. Khongjom Day is celebrated on April 23rd everyyear.

Phubala: 40 km south of Imphal lies this charming resort, on the western fringes of the Loktak Lake. It joins the mainland by low causeway.

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island: One of the most enchanting and biggest fresh water lake in the north east is Manipur’s Loktak Lake, just 45 km from Imphal. The Sendra Island Tourist Bungalow offers dazzling views of the lake, its rich plants and avian life and the intriguing floating weed, shallow bowl-like Island and the fisherman who live on them harvesting waters chestnut. Situated in the middle of the lake, the tourist home has a café and makes an ideal look out. Boating has been introduced along the lakes labyrinthine waterways.

Moirang: 45 km from Imphal, Moirang is the centre of Meitei folk culture. Moirang played an important part in the Indian freedom struggle. The INA (Indian National Army) Museum containing letters, photographs, badges of ranks and other memorabilia reminds the visitors of the noble sacrifices made by the INA under the charismatic leadership of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Tengnoupal: Tourist can also enjoy grandstand views of the Manipur Valley from the Tengnoupal (69 km), the highest point on the Imphal-Burma Road.

Churachandpur: It is on the Tiddim Road, 60 km from Imphal and is one of the most beautiful places for sight seeing and holidaying. Products of arts and crafts of the area are available in local market.

Tengnoupal: The highest point on the Indo-Myanmar Road. From here one can have full view of the beautiful and enticing valley of Myanmar. This is 69 km from Imphal.

Ukhrul: Manipur’s popular and the highest hill station is Ukhrul, 83 km away. It is famous for those lovely Siroi lilies, which grow here in abundance. The nearby lime caves of Kangkhui are worth visiting. It is also the headquarters of the Tangkul Nagas.

Moreh: This is the only border town India has with Myanmar and is located at a distance of 110 km from Imphal. A commercial town and a real shopping paradise for shopper where millions of products ranging from electronic to daily consumables are on the list. This place holds importance to the visiting tourists not only for being a border town but also for providing a unique opportunity to experience the different cultures, life styles of Myanmar through its border town Tamul, which is only 5 km away from here. There is a ample hotels of medium range providing comfortable stay at Moreh.

Tamenglong: Deep gorges, mysteries caves, splendid waterfalls and exotic orchids are what you will find in this district headquarter of Tamenglong district. The Tharon caves, Buning meadow, Zailad Lakes, Barek Waterfalls are some of the places of tourist interest. This beautiful place is located at a distance 156 km from Imphal.

Adventure Sports:

What used to be a national pastime has taken on great important for Manipur in the field of national sports and promoting adventure activities to tourists. Today nodal agencies have been set up to promote different adventure sports as well as to impart training. The indigenous martial arts and games of Manipur have become world- renowned and are an important feature of the tourist experiences in this lovely state. Some of these are:

The Manipur Mountaincering and Trekking Association, Lamdan (Sudarshan Peak), near Loktak Hydro-electric Power Project.

The Manipur Adventure and Allied Sports Institute, Keirao, and Tourist Home in Siroi Hills near Ukhrul.

The Adventure Accademy of Manipur, RIMS South Gate, Imphal – offers courses and assistance in white water rafting in the State.