General Information:

Area : 1628 sq. km.

Altitude : 1313 mts.

Temperature : Max. 32°C and Min. 16.1°C in Summer.Min. 2°C in Winter.

Rainfall : 250 cms.




It is equidistance at 80 km both from Kohima as well as Mokokchung. It is 58 km from Furkating railway station (Assam). There are villages on hilltops, which at once attract your attention. There are monoliths erected by their rich ancestors to exhibit their status. Lothas are known for their colourful dances and songs particularly Shanta, Tokhu Emong and Pikhuchak are their main festival. Opvural and Longtensu are their prestigious social shawl for women and men respectively.

Tourist Attraction:

Mount Tiyi: It is situated at an altitude 1969 mts. above sea level. Trekking, rock climbing to the mountaintop is an adventurous experience. Colourful Rhododendrons are found on the cliffs and steep slopes. The mountain peak offers a panoramic view of the valley down below.

Mount Totse: Situated at an altitude of 1250 mts. above sea level and about 25 km from Tseminya via Phiro village, Mount Totse has many legends behind it. Deep cliffs having a George in between divide the two adjacent faces of the rocky mountain. There are small lakes and other water body at the foothill of the mountain. Mount Totse is an ideal place for rock climbing. A base camp is being constructed by the Tourism Department to provide resting shed for climbers. On the lower riches of the mountain, Nzu River flows gentle down to Doyuang. This river has a magnificent basin – ideally shooted for Camping and Pcnicking.

Liphanyan Governor’s Camp: It is situated at the foothill at a distance of 43 km from Dimapur and approachable from Wokha. From there to watch the river Doyang flowing swiftly gushing through hills and vales in a zigzag way is a splendid seen. It is an ideal spot for rafting, angling, picnic and river campaign. A rest house is maintained by the administration here.

Map Of Wokha, Nagaland :

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