General Information:

Capital: Bhubaneshwar

Area: 155,707 sq km

Language: Oriya,Bengali,Hindi,English

No. of Districts: 13

Cities: Puri,Cuttack

Airports: Bhubaneshwar

Languages: Oriya, Hindi, English, Bengali & Others.

Temperature: Average temperature 40° C in summer & 10° C in winter.

Religion: Hindu, Muslim, Christian and others.

Best Season: October to April. But the place can be visited throughout the year.Rains are heavy during july-october,the summer months are extreamly hot.


Orissa, the ancient kingdom of Kalinga, how secretively still she hides the wonders of her magical land from the intrusions of the outside world. Cocooned by the emerald hills of the Eastern Ghats on one side and the lapping of the waters of the Bay of Bengal, in a stretch of 482 km of coastline studded with rugged crags and spurs, intriguing inlets and vast stretches of the virginal beaches. Orissa’s vestal beauty has been homage to the numerous deities venerated by her people since times in memorial. Orissa’s mountain trails offer delightful avenues to the ancient mysteries of her tribal people. Ancient rivers meandering alongside giving succor to fish and birds and beasts and plants, which flourish in her ancient forests and silvery waterways. Her white beaches, a stone’s through from some of the most fantastic forms of man’s artistic learnings, feather the waterfronts that supply the most succulent sea food to her kitchen. Leaping waterfalls… 500 ft. high sparkle jubilantly as they catch the rays of the morning sun, while her hot spring waters heal a thousand ills. Her lush countryside parts in hollows and dips to reveal hundreds of ancient villages  where the people welcome you with simple goodwill and joyous smiles. Orissa’s most famous natural zoo is Nandankanan. The success of this natural habitant has been further endorsed over since a wild tigress jump over its boundary walls and voluntarily made her home amongst the tigers in the zoo. The long coastal belt of Orissa offers some of the finest white sand beaches in the world. Orissa ensnares you with the additional bonus of her ancient cultural heritage. It kept cultures secrets from the outside world… A vibrant open-air museum, where the lingering mists of its ancient past mingles easily with the sunlight of its dynamic present. The very stones speak of its unique history, its waterways spin yarns of its maritime activities with far of land, and its magnificent old temples and shrines reverberate with the spiritual energy that permeates the very fabric of everyday life amongst her people. The wonderful synthesis of Orissan temple architecture is one of the most dynamic proponents of this dazzling synergy.

Getting There:

Air: Orissa is well connected by air, rail and road with all major cities of the country. Regular flights are available from major cities of the country.
Rail: Railway linkages to Bhubaneswar from Different parts of the country by fast trains.
Road: Good bus services link up the major cities of the country as well as the almost all tourist spots in Orissa.

Tourist Attraction:

Travel  Spot: Ansupa , Harishankar, Koraput, Putudi, Aryapalli, Hatipathar, Leaning, Rajarani, Atri, Hirakud Dam, Lingaraj, Raurkela, Baladevajew, Indravati Dam, Miriglotah, Sorada, Bhubaneshwar, Jagannath, Mukteswara, Talasari, Chandipur, Karlapat, Nrusimhanath, Tarabalo, Chilika , Keonjhar, Paradwip, Tikarapara, Cuttack, Udaygiri & Khandigiri, Pataleswar,Vaital, Dandadhar, KhandualaPhurli Jharan, Yogini, Deulajhari, Kichakeswari, Pradhanpat, Gopalpur, Kolab, Puri.


Lakhari Valley Wildlife Sanctuary,Nandankanan Zoo,Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary.

World   Heritage Site:

Konark  Temple , Flora    & Fauna,Bhitarkanika,Simlipal.


Trekking,Fair & Festival,Shopping.

Map Of Orissa:

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