The capital of Kachwahas for six centuries, before the birth of Jaipur, Amer, stands on top of a range of craggy hills.  The fort is remarkable for the majestic grandeur of its surroundings and beautiful palaces. It is a fine blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture.  The solemn dignity of its red sandstone and white marble pavilions, set alight by the setting sun on a summer eve. The palace is ornamented and displays the riches of the Amer. Suresh Mahal, is considered by as the world’s best chamber of mirrors. Diwan-e-Amor the “Hall of Private Audience” is a beautiful hall, open on three sided and ‘Diwan-e-khash’ or ‘Hall of Private Audience’ has delicate Moasic work in glass.
Sukh Mandir is guarded by Sandalwood doors in laid waith ivory. At the base of the hill is the temple of Garuda, the holly vehicle of Lord Vishnu. The beautifully carved gateway is flanked by large statues of elephants.  A small museum nearby displays some of the archaeological finds of the area. The Samod Palace set in the fairy tale surrounding is full of beautiful wall paintings & mirror work. Ramgarh, the huge artificial lake is a favourite picnic spot.