Baghera is situated in the Kekri subdivision of Ajmer district. It is about 107 km south east of Ajmer. Baghera is well known for its archeological site and antiquarian relics. The most renowned of them all is the temple of Varaha Avtar. It is presently enshrined in a comparatively modern building on the southern side of a big sacred tank known as Varaha Sagar. On the western side of the Varaha Sagar are the ruins of an ancient temple dating back to 10th – 11th century A.D. There is also a magnificent Torana closed to the outer wall of the resident of the Thakur of Baghera. On the outskirts of Baghera, there is a rocky area named Mata Dungar. Here one can behold mystifying sight of Jain images jutting out of land.

Map Of Baghera, Rajasthan :

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