Yumthang Valley  is located 150 km from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. Yumthang Valley is known as  “Valley of Flowers” or home to the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. Yumthang Valley has a very beautiful picturesque. Natural scenes of Switzerland and Yumthang Valley look almost similar. At Yumthang you will experience the feeling of Eden at the valley of Rhododendrons, locally named as, ‘Shiingbha’, with its 32 species. Yumthang ‘Tsa-Chu’ (river) is immensely popular. It remains full of snow during the winter. Yumthang Valley is mostly visited by people who are interested in trekking. Zero point also , which is just 3 kms from Yumthang. There are not any arrangement to stay in Yumthang Valley. Lachung is the nearest place to the valley, where you can stay and enjoy the valley. The road from Gangtok to Yumthang moves alongside the Teesta River and passes over the Rang Rang suspension bridge.

Best Season :

From April to mid June, Yumthang Valley is covered with the thousands of colourful flowers.

September  to Mid-December is ideal.

Yumthang Valley is closed between December and March due to heavy snowfall.


Transportation by road:

From Gangtok to Lachung (the nearest village where accommodation is available) you can book  a full vehicle or shared one and stay over night in Lachung.  A direct journey to Yumthang is not feasible as roads are commonly foggy and it becomes dark very early around 5:30 pm. Lachung is about 125 km from Gangtok, from where you can go Yumthang Valley. It requires 2hours to go from Lachung to Yumthang and 7 hours from Gangtok to Lachung. The road from Gangtok to Lachung is very dangerous and any time it may blocked by landslide.

On the way back, you may visit the hot spring across the Lachung River. You can not imagine that the water is so hot  in such a cold place.

Tourist Attraction:

Valley of Flowers Valley of Flowers

Lachung Yumesamdong






Yumesamdong: A 1 hr. drive from Yumthang Valley takes you to Yumesamdong at a height of 15,300 ft. enrooted; the hills are thickly covered with Ezilia (a plant that is used as incense by the locals) and the atmosphere heavy with its sweet odor.


Chungthang is situated on the way to Yumthang. It is a small town surrounded by high mountains ..Chungthang lies on the confluence of two hilly rivers Lachen and     Lachung Chu. The weather is very comfortable throughout the year. According to a legend, the Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava visited the town before going to Tibet and left his footprint on a rock where he once rested.


Lachung means ‘Small Mountain’ as this city is surrounded by mountains. Lachung is a very small village which has a very beautiful picturesque. Here are many hotels and resorts to stay. You can visit the waterfalls, Lachung Gompa, apple orchards, monastery, handicraft centre and markets which is filled with handicrafts.

Map Of Yumthang Valley, Sikkim :

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