Nagaland Fair & Festival

Life in Nagaland is replete with festivities throughout the year as all the tribes have their own festivals, which they greatly cherish. They regard their festivals sacrosanct and participation in them is compulsory. They celebrate their distance seasonal festivals with pageantry, colour, music and fanfare. Most of these festivals revolve round agriculture, which is still […]

Festivals of West Bengal

Festivals of West Bengal: West Bengal is a land of exquisite fairs & festivals, the most well-known being the Durga Puja festival, Kalipuja, Gangasagar Mela, Paus Mela, Vasanta Utsav, Kenduli Mela, or Holi, Rathajatra, Christmas, Id & Muharram. Beside these religious festivals there are culture and tourism festivals most famous of them being Kolkata book […]

Jammu & Kashmir Fair & Festival

The religious philosophy of Buddhism, however, profound and subtle doesn’t preclude an immense joie-de-vivre among its Ladakhi adhe-rents, and even solemn religious enhancements are made the occasion for joyous celebration. Many of the annual festivals of the gompas take place in winter, a relatively idle time for the majority of the people. They take the […]

Assam Fair & Festival

Assam is land of fairs and festivals. Most of the festivals celebrated in Assam have their roots in the diverse faith and belief of her inhabitants. They reflect the true spirit, tradition and life style of the people of Assam. The culture of Assam is a rich tapestry woven with multiclour yarns of distinct heritage […]