Dumboor Lake

120 km away from Agartala, the place is connected by bus from Agartala and Udaipur. The panorama of transparent waving water cover the vast span and the deep green dots of islands in their midst are fascinating. A ride by motorboat or floating aimlessly on a country boat listening to the murmur of little waves […]

Tsomgo Lake

The literal meaning of TSOMGO is the source of the lake in Bhutia language. TSO means lake and MGO means head, the lake is about 1 km long. Oval in shape, 15m deep and is considered extremely sacred by the local people. This placid lake remains frozen during the winter month’s upto mid May during […]

Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri  Lake is considered as one of the sacred lakes of this State both by theBuddhist and the Hindus. There is a motorable road from Pemayangtse right up to the lake area. For those interested in spending a night or two in the peaceful environment a trekkers’ hut has been provided by the Tourism Department. […]

Gurudongmer Lake

This small but extremely picturesque lake holds a prominent position in the tourist map of Orissa for its beauty, proximity to Cuttack and the fact that till the resent past, it used to play host to migratory birds during winter. Map Of Gurudongmer Lake, Sikkim : View Larger Map