Shopping In Nagaland

Weaving is one of the most colourful and dynamic traditions of the Nagas. Its finest renditions are in the beautiful hand–woven shawls of the various tribes. The market outside the Supermarket is a delightful place where village women in tribal costumers sell products ranging from farm produce to trinkets. Woven Dreams: Naga shawls are not […]

Shopping In Assam

Assam silk is one of the hottest souvenirs to take home. Choose from Endi, Muga, and Pat varieties. Bamboo and cane are used to produce a wide range of furniture, handicrafts and decorative items. The main shopping centre is Fancy Bazar, Paltan Bazar, and Pan Bazar. Most emporia are located in Fancy Bazaar and Pan […]

Shopping In Arunachal Pradesh

Exhibition of traditional Crafts and Handloom items: Tawang is the homeland of variety of exquisite crafts and handlooms. The age – old notable arts and crafts of the people here are – carpet-weaving wood carving handmade papermaking, Thangka painting & agarbati making. Monpas of Tawang district make the famous woolen carpets of northeastern region of […]

Shopping In Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad Shopping: The historic city of Hyderabad is a Shopper’s delight. From the world famous pearls to traditional arts & crafts from textiles of all the modern brands to ethnic were the city offers an astounding variety in shopping. And what’s more unlike many other cities, shopping in Hyderabad is not confined to any particular […]