Perched majestically in the banks of the river Chambal, the temple of Keshoraipatan is nestled in an idyllic location. Although it is located in the Bundi district, it is just 9 km away from Kota. Keshoraipatan is famous for its temple known by the same name. It was renovated in (1631 – 1658 A.D.), the temple stands beautifully on the plains against the backdrop of clear blue sky, amid a sylvan setting with river Chambal flowing silently nearby. It is so perfect in its design and construction that the temple remains safe even during the monsoons when the Chambal is in spate. Keshoraipatan becomes a “Mini-Pushkar” on the night of the full moon in the month of “Kartika”. The temple and the scenic beauty arrest the attention of the tourists and speak of its grandeur and glory in silence.