Bhitragaon is situated 59 km from Kanpur, on the Ghatampur-Sarh Road, 14 km from Ghatampur, Bhitragaon is chiefly noted for its ancient brick temple, a unique specimen of the brick architecture of the early Gupta period. This temple is built of large bricks of size 0.47 meter by 0.22 meter by 0.07 meter, set in mud mortar, the total height of the temple is 15.41 mts. Inside the temple only the sanctum or garbhagriha and the porch exist. Above the sanctum there was an upper chamber, which was damaged when the spire was struck by lightening some time in the 18th century. The most marked features of the temple are its recessed plan. The entire of the temple is plain but on the outside it is decorated with carved brickwork and numerous terracotta panel of skillful workmanship. The importance of the Bhitragaon temple lies in the fact that it is the sole surviving record of this early phase of temple architecture in India.