Kalpi is situated about 35 km east of Orai, between Jhansi and Kanpur on the National Highway 25. The principal remains at Kalpi are the tombs of Mader Shahib, Ghafur Zanjani, Chol Bibi and Bahadur Shahib and the great enclosure commonly known as the Chaurasi Gumbaz. The Chaurasi Gumbaz is built of blocks of rubble set in limewater. The whole building is divided into square spaces, rather like a chessboard, by 8 lines of pillars that are link by arches and top by a flat roof. The rather dilapidated structure has a lofty dome that rises to a height of 60 ft. Its architectural style and stucco ornamentation clearly reveal its Lodhi origin.

Getting There:

Air: Nearest airport is Kanpur 70 km from Kalpi.

Rail: Nearest railway station is Kanpur 70 km and Jhansi 145 km from Kalpi.

Road: On National Highway 25, Kalpi is well linked to major towns in the area.

Tourist Attraction:

Jagmanpur: 9 km from Rampura Jagmanpur, once the headquarters of the Sengar Rajput. The confluence of 5 rivers nearby, known as the “Panch Nada” is an added attraction for the tourist. The two forts can be visited with due permission form the owner.

Rampura: 59 km from Jalaun, Rampura was once a small principality under the Kachwaha Rajput of Jalaun and their ruler Raja Ram Singh. The fortified palace of Rampura, which is about 350 years old, is a massive handsome structure, well worth a visit.

Map Of Kalpi, Uttar Pradesh :

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