Sun Temple

Sun Temple

The ancient capital of the mighty Chandelas, Mahoba, lying at a distance of 140 km from Jhansi, is another fascinating destination. The Chandelas who were great warriors and builders, left behind an extraordinary legacy here. The impregnable fort on top of a hill and a series of lakes created by them are brilliant engineering feats and their successful water management systems, are still to be seen today. Today, the town is also known for the excellence of its paan and various varieties of paan leaf are dispatched to all parts of the country. An account of Mahoba in the Chandela period would remain incomplete with the mention of its magnificent lakes. These were formed by massive embankment across shallow valleys. The lakes include Rahila Sagar, built in 885-905 A.D., the Sun Temple, the Kirat Sagar built in 1060-1100 A.D. and Vijay Sagar built in 1035-1060 A.D. The Madan Sagar built in 1128-1165 A.D. is a picturesque sight. UP tourist bungalow is available for accommodation.

Getting There:

Air: The nearest airport is Khajuraho 63 km from Mahoba.

Rail: Mahoba is well connected on the central railway.

Road: It is link with the cities of UP and MP.

Tourist Attraction:

Temples and other monuments: Near Madan Sagar is the famous granite Shiva temple known as Kakramath, built in the Khajuraho style of temple architecture. The Madan Temple dedicated to Vishnu also stands nearby. On an island in the lake stands Majhari, the ruins of another Vishnu temple. Along the northern embankment is an old Chandel fort known as Aila Mismar along with the ruins of Parmal’s Palace. The celebrated Maniya Devi Temple, the massive stone pillar known as Deewat or Alha-ki-Gilli and the Dargah of Pir Mubarak Sshah, the tomb of a Muslim saint from Arabia, who settled in Mahoba in 1252 AD, also stand in the fort area.A roofless, granite-pillared Baradari, know as Alha’s Baithak, stands on the southeast end of the embankment. A tunnel nearby is said to lead to the fort by the side of Madan Sagar. Near the southern end of Madan Sagar are located the temple of Bari Chandrika Devi, The Shiva cave temple of Katheshwar and on the adjoining hillock, 24 rock hewn images of Jain Tirthankaras. A sun Temple, among the rare few still to be found in northern India, is located at Rahila Sagar. Though in a ruined state, it is still an excellent example of Chandela architecture.

Kunds: Besides the tanks, Mahoba has two famous Chandela period kunds (pools) lined with granite slabs in a reverse pyramid shape. Ram Kund is located to the west of Madan Sagar, while Suraj Kund is near Rahila Sagar. Both originally served as havan kunds for the great yajnas performed by the mighty Chandela rulers.

The Gorakhgiri Hill: The hill where Guru Gorakhnath resided with his disciple Sidho Dipak Nath is dramatic with massive granite rocks, perched atop one another in a wild and striking manner. A huge, carved Gajantak Shiva figure in the foothills can also be seen. The spot is ideal for picnics and climbing excursions.

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