Jim Corbett National Park – Experience of being in a Jungle

This year during the end of may my family and some of our friends planned to go some adventurous place. We decided to go Jim Corbett National Park, located in Uttarakhand(Uttaranchal) in Northern India. It is a good place to see tigers. It is the best India tiger reserve park. Corbet national park park is very popular for its breathtaking beauty.

Ultimately, the day came when we packed our baggage and were ready to leave. We planned to go by train(Duranto Express) from Kolkata to Delhi And from delhi we hired a car to go our destination. Our train time was 18:30hr in the evening from sealdah. So we departed from home at five in the evening. The train journey was very comfortable. Next day, at 11:30a.m. we arrived at delhi.From delhi we started our journey towards jim Corbett at 12:30p.m. after having our lunch. It required 7-8hours to go by road from delhi to jim Corbett. When we reached jim Corbett at night by car, we all decided to spend night in the tent beside the jungle, so that we could experience some thrills. As we were entering the way of jungle we saw lots of deers with green eyes playing in the dark. We all were very excited to see the deers in front of our car. That moment I can’t explain, we feel unlimited excitement.

After arriving there we booked two tent for all of us. We went to our tent, kept all our luggage and came out to have our dinner sitting near the bonfire. We enjoyed our dinner for the first time in the jungle. It was a thrilling experience to stay at tent. Nights were pretty cold and windy. Whole night we hear different sounds from the jungle, also the roar of tiger. All of we were very scared. The life to stay at jungle is completely different from our daily city life. The whole environment was very suspicious. Next day when we woke up, the morning was very beautiful. We see a lots of different species birds were whistled outside our tent. Also many wild monkeys were playing near the tent.
We hired a Canter(Open Bus safari) to enter the core area of jungle. We decided to go dikhala grassland, it’s the best place to see tiger. There need a permission before from forest officer to enter the core area of jungle.
This journey was very adventurous and full of thrilling. We all were very frightened and very curious. Corbet national park jungle was very thick and beautiful. We saw many footprints of tiger in the road. We saw many wild elephants,deers,peacocks,snakes around us and a tiger just crossing the road infront of our canter. After seeing tiger we all were very happy that our journey was successful and became more scared. The grassland of dikhala was very beautiful and also very dangerous because you couldn’t see if a tiger hide inside the grass. We saw a gang of deers were drinking water from the river. It required 3-4hours to travel inside the jungle.

Next day, we took a car and left for Delhi to catch our train. It was one of my favourite trip, which I would not forget it and I wish to go again.

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