Ballavpur Reserve Forest

Ballavpur Reserve Forest

Ballavpur Reserve Forest

An attraction of  Shantiniketan is Ballavpur Reserved Forest or the Deer Park.In this jungle consisting of trees like sishu, piyal, cashew, haritaki, amlaki, bahera, mahuya, akashmani and many other.There are 210 chital deers,4 barking deers, krishnasar, peacock, rabbit, fox, snake, mangoose and varieties of birds.If you come here,you can see a group of deers come to eat in the morning and the evening.The winter season is best for tourists, because in winter thousand of various birds like balihans, moral, pandubi, titir, jalpipi etc comes here,the scenery is beautiful.At dawn,you can walk along the bank of the Khoai and see the silent pandemonium of wavy red pebbled stones.

Getting There:

Air: Nearest airport is kolkata.

Rail:Trains are ply from Sealdah to Shantiniketan.

Road:Buses,private cars are available from kolkata.


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