Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam

Bardhaman district has several important ancient monuments and temples. The tombs of important Muslim saints can also be found at Barddhaman, the district headquarters town Bardhaman is famous for the Majestic Curzon Gate, now known as Vijoy Toran, the Tomb of Sher Afghan and Golabagh and the famous terracotta temples of Kalna, particularly the 108-temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva, are amongst the chief attractions in Bardhaman district.

Getting There:

Air: 113 km from Kolkata airport by road.

Rail: This district town also railhead are connected with other parts of the country.

Road: NH 2 connect Barddhaman district with other towns and cities in india.


Asansol: 115 km by road through NH 2,a well-planned industrial town, Asansol is famous for its coalmines.

Chittaranjan: 114 km by road through NH 2, India’s biggest locomotive factory manufacturing modern electric and diesel locomotives is located here. The workshops are open to visitors and tourists on weekdays. Permission has to be obtained from the Administrative office.

Durgapur: 65 km by road through NH 2, Popularly known as the “Ruhr of India”, the giant steel plant and industrial establishments here have been instrumental in changing the rural face of Durgapur into a vast industrial complex comprising public and private sectors. Situated on the banks of the Damodar River, this well-planned city centers on giant industrial factories like the Durgapur steel plant, Thermal Power Station and the Durgapur Barrage.

Jaidav: The birthplace of the famous Bengali Vaishnava poet Jaidev, this place can be reached by bus and foot or ferry during the monsoons. The annual fair lasting for 10 to 15 days is held here during the first half of January.

Jhaugram: Forests of Sal, Kusum. Mahua and Palash can be seen from here.

Maithon: Located on the Barakar River, Maithon is set among undulating hills. The dam site, reservoir, Kalyaneswri temple, hydroelectric project, Panchet dam and Churulia are the important places to be seen.


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