Jaldapara Reserve Forest

Jaldapara Reserve Forest

Jaldapara Reserve Forest

In 1941 Jaldapara Reserve Forest has been grown up.In Jaldapara,there are   tiger,elephant,leopard, dark, peacock, sambar,boar and many other animals. The   chief sight is one horned rhino .Here tourists can ride on the back of elephant   to see the jungle and wild animals activities. In this forest river Torsha and   Malangi flow by from east to west.There is salt thick on the river bank,the   animals come to lick the salt and to quench their thirst.Leopard Rearing Centre   is there.To stay, there are Bungalows surrounded by green scenery.Best season   for tour is from oct-may.

Getting There:

Air:To reach direct from Kolkata to Jaldapara, reaching Bagdogra by plane.From Bagdogra take bus or private cars.

Rail:Trains are ply from Kolkata to NJP.From NJP take bus or private cars.

Road:Regular bus service from Jalpaiguri,Siliguri,cooch Behar,Jaigaon.

Map Of Bagdogra Near Jaldapara Reserve Forest,West Bengal :

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