Once a Danish settlement, Srirampur is today, an industrial settlement on the west bank of the Hooghly. Formerly known as Frederiksnagore from 1755 to 1845, after King Fredric VI of Denmark, this colony of the Danes was later taken over by the East India Company. Srirampur was the centre of activity for English missionaries who started a printing press and paper manufactory, besides opening schools and publishing journals here. These activities at Srirampur later played a pivotal role in Bengali renaissance. The Srirampur college founded in 1818, has a rare collection of Sanskrit, Tibetan manuscripts and more than 40 language translations of the Bible in its library. The most valuable possession here is a 17th century Persian manuscript on the lives of the apostles, which was produced at the direction of the Mughal Emperor Jehangir.


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