West Bengal Art & Culture

West Bengal has always plated a prominent role in the field of art and culture, giving birth to a large number of modern movements in literature, painting, sculpture, theatre and cinema as well as in politics, science and industry. Kolkata is appropriately regarded as the culture capital of India for the immense contribution and leadership of the state in the fields of literature, art theatre and films in particular. The multifaceted art and culture of West Bengal find manifestation in various forms. Most worth mention are Songs of Bengal including Bhatiali Bhauaiah, Baul, devotional Ramprasadi songs Padabali Kirtan, Bhajan, Toppa, Baithaki, Adhunik Rabindra Sangeet songs of Atulprasad and Dwijendralal, Najrul Geeti and the dhrupadi style of music. Group Theatre, Art Flim, Dance-drama of Rabindranath Tagore, Dance of different style and art including the masked chhu, Rava, Mech and Santali dance of most of which are performed by tribals and ethnic groups, Jatra (traditional theatrical performance), Gombhira (Satirical theatrical performances). Tarja and Kabigan (poetic contest presented in the from of song) Poetry novels, short stories and essays published in innumerable periodicals and little magazines all over the state. Book fairs are among the most passionate culture events not only in Kolkata but also at numerous places in the state.


* Printing and sculpture, exhibitions on which are regularly held in Several Halls and Art galleries.

* Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore’s Santiniketan is famous all over the world as a seat of learning, art and culture based on India traditional and Tagore’s philosophy.

* West Bengal Boasts of a rich Heritage of art and craft including Handicrafts made from brass, bell metal conchshell Shola (pith), bamboo, jute cane cotton and grass.

* Terracotta figurines and horses of Bankura made of burnt clay or wood Dhokra figurines of Bankura – Birbhum – Purilia.

* Printed clay plaques of Kalighat – clay models of Krishnanagar – Leather bags of Sriniketan. Woodcarvings and semiprecious stone jewellery. Masks of Puruliya and Dargilling.

* Handloom Sarees, specially Jamdani Sarees of Dhatrigram, Kalna, Samudragarh, Santipur – Phulia and Baluchari sarees of Vishnupur.

* Kantha Stitch Handiwork. Bewitching range of Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewellery.