West Dinajpur

West Dinajpur is believed to have had a glorious past. The archaeological remains found here reveal that the district flourished during the Maurya period, Gupta Age and even during the Muslim rule. West Dinajpur is predominantly an agricultural district. Bularghat is the headquarters of this district.

Getting There:

Air: Balurhat, the district headquarter, is connected by air with other important cities.

Rail: Train services are available in select towns of West Dinajpur.

Road: National Highways 34 and 31 run across the district, connecting it with other parts of the State.

Tourist Attraction:

Gangarampur: The ruins of Bangarh on the eastern bank of the river Punabhaba, can be found in Rajibpur, a nearby village. Supposed to have been the capital of the legendary Ban Raja, Bangarh also marks the site of the historical city of Devkot. Excavations carried out among the ruins, date the city back to the Maurya or early Sunga period.

Tapan: Located on the bank of the river Punarbhaba, an eighteenth, century brick temple of the Dinajpur Raj can be found here.


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