Tourism Recreational Value Of Rock Garden


Chandigarh, also called the “City Beautiful” designed by Famous French Architect Le Corbusier, is famous for its urban greenery and well planned landscaping. The city is known for its prominent vegetative parks and gardens like Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Bougainvellia Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Garden of Fragrance, Rajendra Park, Leisure valley, Fitness trails, Shanti Kunj, Terraced Garden etc. Among various parks and gardens of the city, the Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is unique in the sense as it expresses the fragility of the environment and the need for conservation of the earth’s natural resources. The garden consists of objects made from non-biodegradable industrial and urban waste. It nestles amidst 10 ha of woods in the form of an open air exhibition hall, theatre trove and a miniature maze, all rolled into one vast fantasy land of art and landscape. This garden is a monument of international importance which addresses the global problem of balancing industrial development with sustainable development of environment. The Rock Garden, Chandigarh may rightly be called as one of the modern wonders of the world and has clear potential to be a heritage site. A study was conducted to estimate recreational use value of Chandigarh city’s parks and gardens, including Rock Garden, during 2002-04 based upon data from Indian tourists and using travel cost methodology (2006). The results of such studies could be valuable for bureaucrats, politicians and policy makers in decision making , urban land use panning and in budget allocation process for urban parks/gardens.