General Information:

Area : 44,212 sq km.

Capital : Chandigarh

Languages : Haryanvi, Hindi & English.

Population : 16,463,618

Religion : Hinduism, Islam & Others.

Best Season : October to March.




Hariyana is located in the Northern part of India. Over the centuries, the region is witness of many important battles. Lodi and Mughal dynasty ruled the region in the 14th century. By the mid-18th century, the Marathas were in control of Haryana. In 1966 it was formed a state of Indian union. The people of the Harappan Civilisation were the first to inhabit this land around 4,500 years ago. The present inhabitants of Haryana are the descendents of the Aryan race. Tall figure, sharp features, and wheatish colour are some of the characteristics of this race. Most of tourists who come to India pass through Haryana. As they drive through, tourists are treated to the view of neat and abundant green fields.There are number of tourist destinations of different interest to discover and enjoy in the state of Haryana.

Getting There:

Air: The state is well connected with major places in the country by air. Chandigarh is major airport.

Rail: All the major places in Haryana are connected to Delhi and other important centers all over the country in India by a good network of trains.

Road: There is a good road network in the state that connects all the places in Haryana to each other as well as from the places outside the state boundary.

Map Of Haryana, India :

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