The undulating terrain of Ghatshila has attracted tourists from far and wide for a long time. Once the seat of power of kingdom of Dhabai Dev is now a niceĀ  township. To get away from the din and bustle of city life this is a perfect hide away. Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhay had a sojourner here for a few days. He was so enamored by the beauty of the jungles all around, he wrote extensively about the place. One can still see the house where he stayed. One can stroll down to the Subarnarekha River, wonder around the stones on the riverbed and get himself submerged in natural beauty of the sun going down the west. Fuldungri a small hillock on the northern fringe of the town is a nice place to climb up. One feels like a top a natural observation tower to get a panoramic view of all around. The sight of the rolling valley and hills on the horizon is a feast for the eye. A legend has it that lover pray here to get back their lost loves.

Getting There:

Rail: From Kolkata one can travel by train. Ghatshila is on the Howrah, Mumbai main line.

Road: One can reach Ghatshila by Bus from Ranchi or Jamshedpur.

Tourist Attraction:

Dahargiri Falls: One can also visit Dharagiri, a small falls in a nearby village.

Rankini Temple: Raja Dhavai Dev built three temple of Rinkini their deity at three corners of his principality. One is at Ghatshila, the other one is at Jamshedpur and the most beautifully located one is at Rajdoha near Hata a stone and leather trading centre of his kingdom. The temple built amid the hills is a must visit to see an old temple amid verdant nature. The nearby hilly river flows by wilily hilly. One can stroll on the sandy riverbed, pick up a few stones and enjoy the surroundings. Rinkini is goddess Durga in an incarnation.


Burudih Lake: 17 km to the north of Fuldungri is a beautiful lake of Burudih. The adivasi village dotted around the road is tastefully built. The motifs on the walls are an example of simple adivasi art form. The cleanliness they maintain is to be appreciated, Burudih Lake has facilities for boating.