Shopping In Nagaland

Weaving is one of the most colourful and dynamic traditions of the Nagas. Its finest renditions are in the beautiful hand–woven shawls of the various tribes. The market outside the Supermarket is a delightful place where village women in tribal costumers sell products ranging from farm produce to trinkets. Woven Dreams: Naga shawls are not […]

Nagaland Fair & Festival

Life in Nagaland is replete with festivities throughout the year as all the tribes have their own festivals, which they greatly cherish. They regard their festivals sacrosanct and participation in them is compulsory. They celebrate their distance seasonal festivals with pageantry, colour, music and fanfare. Most of these festivals revolve round agriculture, which is still […]

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

In India Baboon and Gibon are found only here.Besides there are tiger,samber, bear, elephant, flying squirrel and many other wild animals are available here.Various species of birds make the environment of Intaki extremely pleasant.


General Information: Area : 1255 sq. km. Altitude : 1874 mts. Temperature : Max. 22° C. in Summer. Min. 1° C. in Winter. Rainfall : 200 cms. Introduction: It is situated at a distance of 150 km from Kohima via Chazouba and 70 km from Mokokchung. It is the home of the Seemas. The town […]