Toda Rai Singh

Surrounded by hills, the picturesque town of Toda Rai Singh is situated in Tonk district. It is an ancient town of archaeological significance. This town got its present name from Rai Singh Sisodia the famous ruler of this place. He was a Mughal mansabdar during the reign of Shahjahan. Toda Rai Singh is blessed with glorious historical past as well as rich cultural heritage. It has a number of places of tourist interest. Prominent amoung them are Hadi Rani Ki Baori (Kund), Raja Rai Singh’s Mahal, Isar Baori, Bhopat, Baori and beautiful temples of Kalyanji, Raghoraiji, Gopinathji, Govinddeoji, etc. Bijolia inscription of V.E. 1226 suggests that Toda Rai Singh was popular centre of Jainism.

Map Of Toda Rai Singh, Rajasthan :

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