Arunachal Pradesh Fair & Festival

Angling: The Siang and its tributaries abound in aquatic life. Mahsheer is common. Catches of 20-30 kgs are common and 100 kg is not unknown. Golden trout is found in the cold water of higher reaches. Angling festival will be organised at Bodak, at the junction of the rivers Siang and Yamne. The other popular […]

Andhra Pradesh Fair & Festival

Sankranti: Falls on January 14th of every year with the festivity starting a day before and ending a day later – a three – day fete! During the first day bonfires are lit and people warm themselves around the ‘Bhogimantalu’. The next day is the harvest festival followed by a more sombre celebration that ends […]

Gujarat Fair & Festival

Makar Sakranti: Kite flying is a special event in Ahmedabad Held on Makar Sakranti day. In the month of 14th January every year. The sky is filled with a symphony of colours. The festival has become so popular that now it has turned in to an international kite festival where in popular from all over […]

Uttaranchal Fair & Festival

Dwarahat Mela: Situated in the wide valley of Ram Ganga (West), Dwarahat is 38 km from Ranikhet having a cluster of old temples. A hung fair is organized every year on Baisakhi Day. Gananath Mela: Situated at an elevation of 2,116 mts. above sea level, Gananath is 47 km from Almora and is known for […]