At Udaipur, Tripura’s lovely lake palace on Lake Rudrasagar Neermahal, is Eastern India’s only water palace. The palace was the dream castle of Raja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur,  who quite obviously had keen aesthetic sensibilities. Built in 1930, this floating castle took nine years to be executed to his specifications of luxury and beauty. A blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture, and about 400m in length, the maharaja’s summer resort has 24 rooms with provisions for private quarters for the king and his family and retinue of servants. It also had a dance hall and an assembly hall where he had a dance hall and an assembly hall where he could meet people. The tracts of green fields edging the lake come alive with birdsong during the annual arrival of the migratory birds. Access to the palace was by boat, which led directly to the rooms. Neermahal is 55 km from Agartala. There’s a boat festival held at the lake annually. Visitors can stay at the picturesquely located Saharamahal ours lodge at Rajghat, the access point for the palace room, which you can get a boat. Another attraction here is the craft and heritage village.

Map Of  Udaipur, Tripura :

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