Behind every famous temple lies a strange tale and in the case of the Shaivite temple of Draksharamam in East Godavari, it is no different. King Daksha performed a great Yagna and purposely did not invite his son-in-law Shiva, with a view to belittling him. However, Parvati decided to attend the function at her father’s place though uninvited. But her father in front of the assembled guess insulted her. Unable to bear the mental torment, she got herself consumed by flames and thus came about the name as Daksha Vatika, which went on to be called Daksharamam and subsequently Draksharamam.

Tourist Attraction:

Bhimeswara: A Bhimeswara temple in the area is another attraction and Sivaratri is a special occasion. The temple is just under 20 km from the East Godavari district headquarters town of Kakinada and about 40 km from the ancient city of Ramahmundry, a derivation from the original Rajamahendri. The village is close to Kakinda and Rajahmundry, both of which have comfortable accommodation to suit every pocket, Rajahmundry is an important city on the Vijayawada – Kolkata railway line.