Located in the heart of the Bengal delta, Nadia is bound by the river Hooghly in the west, and the districts of Murshidabad and North 24-Parganas in the north and south. Krishnanagar, the district headquarters, is famous for its beautiful clay dolls and models made by the local artisans.

Getting There:

Air: The nearest airport is kolkata’s Dum Dum that is connected with all parts of the world.

Rail: Train with other parts of the State connects the district.

Road: National Highway 34 runs across Nadia district, connecting it with other important towns and cities.


Tourist Attraction:

Bethuadahari: Bethuadahari, close to Krishnanagar is famous for the reserved forest providing home to a large number of deer and pythons.

Kalyani-Township: This unique rural township is part of the development plan project of the state government of Bengal. There is a university here, which caters primarily to the agricultural sciences, a spinning mill, brewery and a modern hospital. The planned picnic garden, with a touch of the rural about it, is a favourite with townsfolk and tourists.

Krishnanagar: Krishnanagar is famous for the handicraft of wonderful clay dolls.

Krishnaganj: The Rajrajeswra Siva temple here is a tall octagonal structure housing a lingam 8 feet high.

Mayapur: The halt at the temple town of Mayapur, headquarters of ISKCON, with its beautiful Chandrodaya Temple, is an experience of the Vaishnava cult, here arti is offered four times a day and prasad (offering) is distributed to devotees.

Nabadwip: Nabadwip, in Nadia, with its profusion of temples, Gained glory as the birth place of Shri Chaitanya, social reformer and saint, who some five hundred years ago revived the prem bhava (eternal love) as a method to attain vaikunthya (the Vaishnava heaven) where Lord Krishna resides. Famous for the shrine of Sonar Gouranga golden statue of Shri Chaitanya). Pilgrims frequently visit Nabadwip from India and abroad that come here to bathe in the Ganga and offer prayers at the various shrines.


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