Hills & Mountains

The Great Himalayan mountain range are the famous and highest mountain hills of India. Breath taking views of the hills and mountains of India attract tourists from the whole world year after year.

Historical Places

Historical places in India tell us Indian history and rich heritage. To visit the historical places, we can discover the ancient India. We know the reason behind the today's growth. We cannot know the present or the future without knowing the last.


The Islands of India are the unique destination for nature lovers. The Indian Islands are rich with green landscape and beautiful beaches. Many water sport activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and rafting are very popular among the tourists.

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Mountain Climbing In Jammu & Kashmir

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The area most frequented by foreign climbers in the Nun Kun Massif in the Great Himalayan Range. Its easy accessibility from the Kargil via Padum road and the shortest possible approach march to the base camps makes this massif the most attractive climbing destination in the Great Himalaya. [...]

Ocean Park Hyderaba

Ocean Park is situated at Gandipet, 15 km. from Hyderabad city, in 20 acres of landscaped gardens, an amusement park that you haven't seen the likes of yet in India. It is one of the first theme parks started in twin-cities and continues to be a great hit especially with children. But it is not the young ones alone who enjoy, even adults can have lots of fun here. [...]

Uttaranchal Trekking

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Gangotri, at a height of 3,140 metres, is accessible by road from Rishikesh but many prefer to trek the route. The trek takes 14 days and passes through important towns like Uttarkashi, Gangnani and Lanka.From Rishikesh, trekkers can also attempt the Khatling-Sashratal-Masartal trek which takes seven days and passes through thick forests and lush green meadows.[...]

Mandarmani Sea Beach

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Nowadays Mandarmani is very popular tourists spot lies close to Digha and Shankarpur. It is one of the most developed tourist attractions of West Bengal.It is located in the Purba Medinipur district of South Bengal. Mandarmani beach is the longest drivable beach in India. Mandarmani has 13 km long motorable beach. [...]